After an affair, your life doesn't belong to you anymore. For over a year, I couldn't control my own thoughts.
The turmoil in my head was viciously repetitive but savagely random. With this blog, I began to exorcise the demons holding my head hostage.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Face Off

(Gotta warn you, dear readers...I was a little heavy handed with the Jaymie bashing on this post.  I think the anonymous commenter that defended Jaymie from my last post got under my skin.   It never fails!  Tell me not to do something and I do it double time!!  Whatever.  Bashing Jaymie is harmless, satisfying and if it gets Anonymous riled up...Bonus!)

Don't get it in your head that Jaymie was growing a pair.  Geek Boy Kevin and Daddy James were behind this transformation of sorts.  I was certain of that.  If left to her own devices, Jaymie would have continued to ignore me because facing me meant facing herself.

Not unlike myself, I think she had been Living in the Land of Denial for the past year, too.  Could you blame her?  She had been given the dirt end of a shit stick by a man she begged not to leave her.  He dumped her, shunned her and let me run over her repeatedly.
That's gotta shake your self confidence...that is if she ever had any to begin with.  Dealing with me left the door wide open for her to be Focused on the Rear View Mirror.  Why would she want that?  She had Geek Boy and Daddy James throwing a massive tarp over any reflective surface that examined her part in the affair too closely.

Daddy James and Geek Boy must have convinced Jaymie to put a stop to my "harassment".  What they didn't know was I could not WAIT to get inside a courtroom with the Bitch-Whore!!
A FACE OFF!!  The chance to tell the world (or at least a little piece of El Cajon) on the record how I had been damaged, how I had been brutalized, how I had been betrayed.

If Jaymie was gonna force this Face Off, she had better be prepared for Daddy James and Geek Boy to hear every sordid, sleazy, despicable detail of the time she spent with MY husband.  I was almost giddy thinking about letting it all fly!  Way back when I made A Visit to Casa Jaymie, with my BFF Julie, to pick up all the goodies Richard had so generously given poor, unemployed sudo-hooker Jaymie,  I told Daddy James I had no problem airing Richard's dirty little secrets in court.  If I had to sue Jaymie to get back the swag, I relished the opportunity to shout from the witness chair that my cheating prick of a husband and his precious prostitute of a daughter were fucking every which way and back again.
You think he'd have remembered that.  How could he forget?  I was abundantly clear.
They must have wanted me gone even more than they were concerned about the fitful prospect of meeting me for a final Face Off.  That says something, People.  They were truly tired of being reminded about the truth of the events a full year previous.  Daddy James and Geek Boy wanted to see Jaymie as redeemed from the stupidity of her time spent as a lying, home wrecking tramp.  Time to go all in to make it be all gone.

The first call from the Sheriff's office came right before Julie's wedding on 11/11/11.  (Great anniversary date, right?)  Don't worry!!  I didn't have my phone on during the ceremony, but I did listen to a voicemail right before Julie walked down the aisle, from a deputy scolding me for my... what was the word he used....ridiculous?? I think that was it.  My ridiculous behavior.
I'm telling you it was like he was talking to a 7 year old.  He said something close to, "You don't wanna make me have to serve you with a restraining order.  You should just stop bothering Ms. Simpson.  This behavior is ridiculous."  LOL!!  It was absurd!  This particular deputy didn't think much of Jaymie's complaint.   It seemed like he made the phone call just to shut her up and send her packing.  He obviously had no interest in the paperwork required to even establish a case number.

Here's where I am still confused....I had not attempted to contact Jaymie since 10/25/11.  This is the last email I sent her:

I hear you're leaving soon.  Daddy buying you a trip, huh?  It's good you have someone to pay your way.
I still need to talk to you.  There are too many loose ends, too many question marks, too many holes to fill.
No way I can do it without having a conversation with you.  This will never be over unless I get the answers I need.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to just move on?  Forget the whole sordid mess?  You haven't even sent one email that says. "No!  I won't talk to you.  Never contact me again."  That leaves the door wide open.  Your dad and Kevin slammed the door, but we all know it's not them I need to talk to, even though I would LOVE to share some of what I know about you with them.  
Call me.  Get it over with.  Be done, so you can go on your little trip knowing I'll be nothing but a bad memory when you get back, instead of a shadow hanging over your head.

If you do the math, that's over 2 weeks of no contact before I got the call from the Sheriff.   I hadn't looked at her Facebook page.  I didn't leave any voice mails for Geek Boy to share with her.  I had sent no communication, electronic or otherwise for 17 days!  For the past year, I had rarely let more than a week go by without stirring the proverbial piss pot, but the warning from Sharon about the possibility of a restraining order did give me cause for consideration.  It made me think hard about how far I really wanted to go, so I hit the "contact" pause button.
Why did Jaymie want to go to the Sheriff now?  Why wake the sleeping antagonist?

At this point, it could've gone either way.  The fact that Jaymie was yanking my chain, challenging me, would tend to make you bet on me striking back, right?  I had been determined for over a year to get her to talk to me and in court, that could almost happen.  She might not be talking TO me, but she sure would have to listen.
Or...I might finally be ready to move forward and forget Jaymie ever existed.
As it turned out, just when I was ready to back off, Jaymie geared up for the Face Off.
Game on, Biyotch.