After an affair, your life doesn't belong to you anymore. For over a year, I couldn't control my own thoughts.
The turmoil in my head was viciously repetitive but savagely random. With this blog, I began to exorcise the demons holding my head hostage.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The End of Jaymie, Part 2

First an apology, not for my extended time away, but for underestimating my sorely lacking aptitude for brevity in story telling.  
In my last post, when I started writing about my day in court with Jaymie, the END of my time in Crazy Town that was wrongly ruled by my bitterness and contempt for the embodiment of my husband's mid-life crisis solution, I think I predicted two posts only. That's not gonna work out.  This second installment has run a little longer than I anticipated.  
So, sue me and back to court I'll go.

Nikki and I powdered our noses and chattered quietly about Jaymie's lack of hair and about how she has very diverse taste in her sexual partners.  It was sort of confusing.
Geek Boy Kevin was younger than Jaymie by a year and if stereotypes hold true, probably even less mature than his total years on the planet.  Even at the fake age Richard told Jaymie, 54, that put him at 30 years her senior.
Geek Boy writes comic books.  Richard is an attorney.
Geek Boy was just about as tall as his new mate, about 5'10 and couldn't weigh more than 140 pounds soaking wet.  (if Jaymie and Geek Boy breed, they will have some seriously scrawny kiddos.  I see many years of school yard bullying in their futures.)  Richard had been working out hard to impress his baby whore.  He had quite a set of guns and his pecs were solid.  He stands 6' 2" and usually weighed in around 190.  He was looking his best for "a man of his age" as the saying goes.  He sported a bit of a sagging bootie and love handles formed by many years of sitting at his desk in his office/love nest.  Even with those normal age related body shape maladies, he would have nothing to fear from Geek Boy, should the bean pole get feisty with desire to defend Jaymie's honor.
There are many more contrasts and anomalies between Jaymie's two most recent fuck buddies, but I grow bored with this deviation from the end of my story.  Besides, I'm sure you get the idea of the point I was beginning to make.  IMHO, Jaymie latched on to the next guy in line that showed an interest in her.  I consider it scripture to say, women that have affairs with married men have minimal self-esteem at best and resolute self-loathing at worst.

When Nikki and I emerged, all freshened up and ready to rumble, Richard and 'D' were waiting.  They motioned us to the elevator.  When we all entered and the doors closed, 'D' said he had stopped and introduced himself to Jaymie, Daddy James and Geek Boy.  I glanced at Richard, wondering where the hell he took his shivering self while that little conversation had taken place.  Never asked, because I felt fairly certain if he could have been in a completely different time zone than Jaymie and her Back-Up Boys, he would've given his left testicle to do so.

'D' informed me Jaymie had girded her loins and declared her intention to seek the full on CLETS restraining order, disregarding all agreements that had been made previously.
I gotta say...that threw me.  I had beaten down my fighting persona, sucked up my compulsion for retribution and ultimately craved a fresh start far away from Crazy Town.
This is when 'D' showed me he was undoubtedly good at his job of client control.
"Shawn, I know you wanted a chance to speak and tell your side of the story.  I understand why that would be important to you, but if you'll just trust me, I think I can get the NON-CLETS back on track.  If I can't, I'll get a continuance and we will come back prepared to defend against the order."

My brain only registered the words "COME BACK".  No way.  Not a chance. That was not gonna work for me.  It had to be done today.  Now.  At once.  On a normal, average, boring day, I have the patience of a gnat with ADHD.   This sure as hell wasn't a normal day.  There would be no coming back.
"No way, 'D'  We are not coming back.  This ends today.  I do trust you.  You can do what you need to do first.  But if that little cunt (yea..I said cunt in a courthouse and I despise that word.  Sorry.) won't let it go, I want to fight.  I want to make it as awful for her as the law will allow.  Are we agreed?"

After a very brief glimpse at my increasingly uncomfortable husband, 'D' told me we were on the same page, and proceeded to lead us to the assigned courtroom at the end of the lengthy hallway.
As we approached the court of contention, we all spotted Jaymie and the Back-Up Boys (starting to like that nick-name!) ahead, entering court through the double doors.
'D' paused.  "Rich, I want you to stay out here in the hall.  It won't help having you in there.  It would probably make matters worse.  I can defend against what Shawn has done to Jaymie, but not what you did.  Why risk pissing her off even more?"
At first, I protested, but 'D' gently reminded me, I had given him first shot at finishing this and as such, should yield to what he considered important for the best possible outcome.  I took a very deep, cleansing breath and relented.

A chivalrous 'D', pushed open the door and held it for Nikki and myself to pass through.  Instantly we saw my nemesis seated with her guards in the back row, faces forward, away from us.  As soon as 'D' saw where they were seated, he ushered us to the row furthest away in the surprisingly tight space of the rectangle room.
We were not the only restraining order cases to be heard that morning.  Not even close.  We were fourth on the docket and there would be more after my case was finished....and it damn well would be finished today, hopefully before way or the other.